project 的全系列词义都很重要  / ˈprɔdʒekt; ˋprɑdʒɛkt/ n   (plan for a) scheme or undertaking 计划; 规画; 工程; 事业: a housing development project 住房建设方案 * a project to establish a new national park 建立一个新的国家公园的工程 * carry out, fail in, form a project 执行﹑ 未能实施﹑ 拟订一项计画.    task set as an educational exercise which requires students to do their own research and present the results (学校的)科研习作项目, 课题: The class are doing a project on the Roman occupation of Britain. 这个班在进行一项关於古罗马人占领不列颠的研究.   project 2   / prəˈdʒekt; prəˋdʒɛkt/ v     [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] plan (a scheme, course of action, etc) 拟制(方案﹑ 行动步骤等); 计画; 规画; 设计: a demonstration of the projected road improvement scheme 对拟定的道路改善方案的论证 * Our projected visit had to be cancelled. 我们计画中的访问不得不取消.    (a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (on/onto sth) cause (light, shadow, a photographic image, etc) to fall on a surface 投射(光线﹑ 影子﹑ 影像等): project a slide on a screen 在银幕上放映幻灯片 * project a beam of light onto a statue 把一道光线投射在雕像上 * project spotlights on a performer 把聚光灯对准一位表演者. (b) [Tn] show (a film) on a screen using a film projector 放映(影片): Will you be able to project the film for us? 你能为我们放映那部影片吗?    [I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (into sth) send or throw sth outward or forward 发射或投掷某物: an apparatus to project missiles into space 将导弹发射到宇宙空间的装置 * An actor must learn to project (his voice). 演员必须学习(使声音)扩及远处的发声法. * (fig 比喻) project one’s thoughts into the future 思想未来.    [I, Ipr] extend outward beyond a surface; jut out 伸出; 突出: a projecting beam 突出的横梁 * a balcony that projects over the street 伸展到街道上的阳台.    [Tn.pr] ~ sth on to sb (psychology 心) think, esp unconsciously, that sb shares (one’s own feelings, usu unpleasant ones) 将(自己的感情, 通常为不愉快者)投射给某人; 以为(尤指潜意识地)某人也存在(与自己同样的﹑ 通常为不愉快的感情): You mustn’t project your guilt on to me, ie assume that I feel as guilty as you do. 你不要以为我也和你一样内疚.    [Tn] represent (sth/sb/oneself) to others in a way that creates a strong or favourable impression 向他人表现(某事物[某人/自己])以使其产生深刻的或良好的印象: Does the BBC World Service project a favourable view of Great Britain? 英国广播公司的对外广播是否使听众对英国产生了好感? * The party is trying to project a new image of itself as caring for the working classes. 这个党竭力装出一付关心工人阶级的新形象.    [Tn] (a) make a systematic drawing of (a solid, esp curved, object) on a flat surface, as maps of the earth are made 作(固体物, 尤指曲线状物)之投影图. (b) make (a map) in this way 用投影法制作(地图).    [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sth) predict (results) based on known data; extrapolate (根据现有资料)预测(结果); 推断: project population growth to the year 2000 预测到2000年人口增长状况.